Onepager * one-pager * scrollytelling

A onepager – or one-pager – is a one-page document that provides a story in several chapters. Online this stories are provided using one URL: so the users have to click only once to access the story.

This format is also known as scrollytelling. The name is telling: The users scroll to see and read the story, to discover the elements of the story.

For one-pagers you use text, videos, photos, graphics and audio. You bring them into an order that is logical: it must be easy for a user to follow your storyline. It may be chronological, or sorted by places or different persons you have interviewed. Possible is also a structure defined by sub-topics (different aspects of your story).

It is important to use the media type – video, photo, audio, text, graphic – which is most suitable for the specific part of the story.


Snow Fall – The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek


How Saying #metoo Changed Their Lives


The Great Salvation


Ten out of 800.000


Stonewall at 50: Stories of Restistance and Reselience


Seattles All Female Football Team


The Rohingya crisis: Life in the Camps


The Strange Science of Melting Ice Sheets: Three Things You Didn’t Know

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